About Orlando Owen


Who is Orlando Owen?


Orlando Owen, son of a German father and an American mother, grew up on both sides of the Atlantic, partly in Los Angeles and partly in Germany, as a shy, frustrated teenager, with zero skills with the opposite gender, and no self-esteem.

Raised by a household of women – his father, a powerful Fortune 500 company CEO, was conspicuously absent – he learned early how to charm and manipulate older women, while being thoroughly unsuccessful with girls his own age all through high school. Thusly his teenage years were one painful and frustrating experience.

Orlando swore, however, that one day he would overcome this frustration!

Out of sheer rebellion against both his father, and the rigidity of life in Germany – Orlando considered Los Angeles his real home, and missed the sunshine and the easy-going California way of life – soon developed into a rebellious visionary, questioning traditional world views, as well as all conventional methods of psychotherapy and self-help, since none of them seemed to hold any answers to help him overcome his pain.

It wasn’t until he returned to the US at age 21 to find his roots, and until he met people like Paul Watzlavik in California, and studied the works of Carl Gustav Jung and Wilhelm Reich, that he developed any interest in psychology, therapy or hypnosis, albeit without finding the answers to his own psychological suffering yet…

And it also wasn’t until then, that he lost his virginity to a beautiful woman, 15 years his senior. This breakthrough experience gave him a new – if false – sense of self-esteem, which he promptly employed to furiously overcompensating for his years of being a “loser”, and of sexual frustration.

Making meeting women his top priority, he worked hard at training himself to become a natural seducer, turning into a real life ‘Alfie’, while refusing to embrace his masculinity – or even understanding what it means to be a man…

Back then, in the early 80s, the mere idea of admitting you were challenged with women and dating, or that these were learnable skills, was unthinkable. You either got it or not!

Orlando, however, driven by abnormally high levels of male hormones, did not accept that premise. Almost anything could be learned; why not success with women and dating? From that day on, Orlando selflessly dedicated his life to science… the science of relentlessly exploring women, and their fascinating sexuality…

There was much to be learned about the subject, to be sure, and Orlando found many great mentors, most of them women. But there was another side to himself that Orlando also discovered at that time:

The urge to pass on everything he learned to others who are suffering, both women and men, and he vowed to eventually teach the solutions to all those issues and problems which had caused him suffering for so many years to the men frustrated with either their sexuality, or their masculinity, or both…

Only those who’ve ever truly suffered, who can understand and appreciate the pain, the frustration, and the quiet desperation which surely untold millions of men the whole world over were suffering from!

Hence Orlando became determined to find universal solutions for the deep issues of men, which most of them didn’t even dare to openly discuss with anyone … for fear of embarrassment or ridicule.

Insecurity around women was – especially at that day and age – considered cowardly and a sign of weakness!

Especially since most mens’ own fathers hadn’t found true masculinity either, weren’t really “good with women”, and thusly weren’t of much help to their sons, or even a decent male role model…

Orlando knew the feeling:

Whenever he asked a friend, who was a “natural” with women, he received the same standard answer:

“What’s there to learn? Just be yourself … !”

Nice words… but for that to happen, one would have to first know who oneself was in the first place!

While Orlando did at least have some beginner’s luck with women, and quickly began to overcompensate to make up for all the lost years, he soon felt like someone who goes grocery shopping, hungry:

You end up buying much too much of everything, and particularly loads of non-nutritious junk!

Orlando didn’t immediately recognize that – while he now had superficial success with women – his inner hurt and emptiness were much deeper than he had previously realized, and the he was merely running from himself…

Which was at least as frustrating as his erstwhile frustrations and rejections!

Worse, instead of becoming a real cool and detached player, he ended up being the plaything of his exploits, ended being played by women in return, who wanted to catch him and keep him. In his opinion, women always want the same thing: An exclusive relationship, kids, and a provider to pay for it all!

To Orlando, this conundrum’s only solution was to become a real player himself, to make a lifestyle out of pretending, implying to want the same things as women, including committed relationships, even lying to women to get them to sleep with him.

Orlando was neither able nor willing to provide any of those things to women, certainly not emotional commitment, especially since he had just discovered the delicious life of a seducer, which he wanted to experience to the fullest, even to the bitter end … at which he succeeded…

Beyond turning into the proverbial “douche”, who use women to bolster their fragile egos, he began to define himself by the quantity and quality of his sexual exploits, even make it his calling card.

The much cited, but rarely if even truly understood ‘Law Of Attraction’ (LOA) clearly states:

“That which is like unto itself is drawn!”

He who comes from lack-mentality, and who believes to have to manipulate people to reach his own goals, will draw more lack into his life … if not on the outside, then certainly on the inside!

To hurt women had never been Orlando’s intent; it just happened …

And so the inevitable ran its course:

Orlando’s karma as a womanizer finally caught up with him…

Orlando as Womanizer

The first woman who Orlando ever had developed genuine feelings for, promptly left him.

But the real lesson escaped Orlando entirely:

To numb his internal pain and emptiness, Orlando began to use women as a drug from now on.

And, in order to never get hurt again, he built an emotional fortress around his heart, and genuinely believed to be able to lead a life unfettered by deep or real emotions…

All of his reading about Jung’s “Shadow” hadn’t succeeded instilling in him the concept that…

“Man will stop at nothing, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing himself!”

Since Orlando couldn’t face abandonment by the only woman he had ever felt anything more than lust for…

…a bizarre idea entered his mind:

Just a few weeks after the separation, he encountered a successful model, a perfect “10” as referred to in seduction circles. What could hurt his “ex” more than to see Orlando in the arms of such an exceptionally stunning woman?

Arguably more for that reason than for genuine love, Orlando entered a torrid affair and relationship with this model, furtively arranging things so that this could not possibly have escaped his Ex. Perhaps, this might have also been the real reason why Orlando, who had vowed to never, ever marry, did just that with his new flame and within only a few months into the relationship…

In keeping with this line of thinking, Orlando also used that beauty in his arm to make an impression in the glitzy world of California’s Photo- and Advertising Industry, to boost his societal status. Much as he tried to make himself believe that he truly loved this woman – and love her he did indeed in his own wounded ways – Orlando would not have recognize, let alone feel, true love, had it snuck up behind him, and bit him in the bum…

His subsequent life as a Playboy, with countless open relationships and sexual encounters, didn’t really fulfill Orlando, however, having tasted the fruits of true sensual connection, Tantra, and the Taoist Arts of Advanced Lovemaking. As a successful advertising photographer in LA, women no longer presented a challenge – or so he thought…

Orlando’s emotional emptiness, along with a thorough lack of vision and purpose in his life beyond superficial and financial gratification, soon led the failure of his marriage with the model, shaking the very foundations of Orlando’s life.

Bewildered, without vision, purpose or direction in life, but yearning for answers to his deep inner void, Orlando soon restlessly roamed North-, Central- and South America as an adventurer, lived with Shamans and healers, mercenaries and Indios and guerrillas, but his soul remained too wounded to find peace…

Orlando experienced shamanistic initiation rituals and male rites of passage – in the vein of Joseph Campbell’s epic “Hero’s Journey”, shaking him to the very depth of his soul. But he also learned that the little boy inside must die, so that the man inside may prosper and live!

Initiation- and masculinity rites played an essential role in every culture of ancient times, even in every single tribal culture without exception. Their purpose is to help the young male find a sense of identity, core values, a sense of direction in his life – in short:

A Vision for his Life!

But initiation rites – by design – bypass the intellectual mind entirely, aiming instead for the infinitely more powerful subconscious mind, recruiting the collective, archetypal and atavistic Greater Mind of the Divine, primal creation, to effect true transformation – from the uninitiated boy to the man allowed into the inner circle of elders, a Man among men…

Orlando instinctively understood at once that it is precisely the absence of exactly these rites of passage that lead to almost all of the problems of modern men in contemporary society. And while there are attempts at re-introducing such rites and initiations into modern society by a variety of groups, most miss the point and the mark entirely.

The real initiation rites Orlando experienced at the hands of Shamans in Peru and Amazonia, Colombia have as precious little in common with the popular Ayahuasca ceremonies of modern eco-tourism, as they have in common with the so called “rites and initiations” of such popular organizations like the “Mankind Project”!

The real and genuine initiation rites that Orlando experienced – which go several magnitudes of ten deeper than pretty much anything currently offered by Western organizations, or the eco-tourist groups – shook his psyche to the core.

Immediately, he realized that there had to be a way to bring those initiations into modern society.
To do this to a Western male in an unfiltered way, however, would be akin to hooking up your electric razor to a high-tension overland power line, or to drink from a fire hydrant.

Orlando knew, he had to find a way to properly and literally step down these volatile energies, emotions and powers – potentially quite dangerous in the hands of untrained practitioners – to trigger true trance-formation in those men, who came to him to regain and reclaim their Authentic Male Power…

At this point, Orlando began to strongly sense this might eventually become his life’s purpose and his mission.

He had, after all, experienced the fundamental conditioning and inauthenticity of human existence in quite drastic ways, much like Neo being unplugged from the Matrix for the first time…

And suddenly Orlando began to understand the postulate of the ancient Initiation & Mystery Schools:

“Gnothi seauton”

“Know Thyself !!!”

From now on, there was no turning back. Orlando wanted – even had to – teach all the knowledge, the incredibly effective techniques, everything he had learned, to others:

All the compassion and help he had received from the sages, his leaps of emotional and spiritual development, but also his first-hand experience of the destructive potential of unresolved emotions and unredeemed sexuality, the cold walls of emotional armor, and the level of frustration and drama in modern relationships, and how to heal the wounded men and broken women on his path.

But he felt he had to learn much more yet. Orlando studied Tantra and Taoist Sexual Technique with a variety of Grand Masters and Dakinis (female Tantra Masters and Priestesses), and combined all this with his years of psychological, therapeutic and hypnotic knowledge and experience … with results surprising even himself…

…results, which for almost all of the many people he worked with, created – and continue to create – fundamental break-throughs.

Restless as always, in relentless pursuit of the world’s most beautiful women, Orlando left California for South Beach, Miami, in 1991, then in its heyday, only to be sucked into a relationship with another former top model, in every way resembling ‘Nicky’ from the movie ‘Alfie’. Before long, however, she attacked Orlando with a butcher knife: Orlando’s new Tantric Workshop Series “Vaginarobics – Tighten up, Girls … !” was becoming a little too popular with ladies of all ages for her taste…

By now, Orlando’s emotional burnout had reached critical levels: He gave up SoBe clubbing, along with photography, and sexual workshops, to find his truth by enrolling in an initiation school in the tradition of ancient Egypt, which gave him his first genuine emotional break-throughs, influencing his teachings to this day. Emotionally liberated and empowered, Orlando’s desire to teach this deep and ancient knowledge to others was rekindled. Strangely, however, once again most of his students turned out to be women, so that his hallowed intentions of liberating peoples’ hearts and minds soon morphed into a highly spiritual ‘School of Orgasm’, without Orlando being able to tell how that had happened…

Hypnotic Trance techniques soon merged with deep sexual initiation of women into the mysteries of sexual illumination, and while Orlando thought to have found himself, it seemed he had rather found, deeply hidden among G-Spots, A-Spots, and Ultra Deep Spots, the key to womens’ souls, while still missing the key to his own – be it as a man, or as a human being…

During much of his strange life, Orlando found himself confronted with various extremely masculine – albeit at times less than emotionally healthy – male “role models”, such as Soldiers, bikers, pimps, day traders and bankers…

Those bad boys referred to him as “our philosopher friend” or as “a strange kind of sage”, took him under their wings, and protected him, even sought his advice in matters spiritual. Soon his circle of friends included strip-club owners and strippers, high-stakes call girls, casino owners, and even some celebrities.

Misfits themselves, these people didn’t feel judged by Orlando. And since they also were the only people who didn’t judge Orlando either, he felt comfortable in their company, and even became their confidante and coach, reminiscent to a real-life “Analyze This!”

On one hand, these tough guys and real-life bad boys were sometimes intimidating to him. On the other hand, Orlando soon found that somehow these ultra-macho guys took a strange kind of liking to him, and actually trusted him with their most intimate emotional problems.

It took some getting used to for Orlando, to be asked by an NBA player, what he could do to regain his sexual prowess, by a Special Forces instructor, how he could get a handle on his extreme fits of rage, or by an aging Colombian mobster, what he could do to assure a good place in his after-life …

While Orlando actually had viable answers to all of these questions, it also perplexed him about the meaning of Masculinity (and Femininity) in today’s world …
Orlando began to seriously pursue the question:

‘What makes a man a man?’

And while he was able to provide coaching, comfort, solutions, hypnosis, and therapy for so many people, he never found emotional or spiritual comfort himself …
Until he met a man by the name of “Steve P”…

Meet Steve Piccus

This man, a Master Hypnotist and Sex Guru from San Diego, referred to by many as “The Godfather of Seduction”, became famous through the multi-million copy bestseller “The Game” by ‘Rolling Stone Magazine’ and New York Times author Neill Strauss, who describes him as “part shaman, part Hell’s Angels Biker”, a fairly accurate description by any account.

Steve P., however, is much more than that…

Being a true man’s man, this ultra-masculine teacher and life coach, became Orlando’s mentor for some years.

Steve immediately felt Orlando’s deep emotional pain, and showed him how to dissolve serious emotional issues, remove old blockages, eliminate limiting beliefs, and even cure trauma, all eluding traditional methods of therapy. That such ‘Limiting Beliefs’ and ‘Self-Sabotaging Patterns’ could not be resolved by the rational mind, or by psycho-therapy, Orlando had already learned from the Shamans of Latin America.

For Orlando, the fundamental break-through arrived, when he began to combine his years of intense hypnotic training, with Steve P’s stunningly powerful techniques. The Synergy created by adding his decades of Tantric training, and extensive “hands-on” experience with women, to his magickally-hypnotic mindset, allowed him to enter an enchanted world of Sexual Trance, in which women will do just about anything to climb to unknown heights of sexual ecstasy, which only a MagickMale can unlock for them…

Things took a dramatic turn, when an aloof former ice-skating Queen entered Orlando’s life. The “Ice Queen” was the first woman in many years he desired for a relationship, but couldn’t truly have emotionally, only sexually…

Unfortunately, this professional, competitive athlete also suffered from a particularly bad case of borderline syndrome, along with the extremely low self-esteem, always at the heart of this notorious disorder.

Mistaking the addictive quality of a highly sexual “borderline” personality for love, Orlando’s entire frame of reality nearly collapsed. It was none other than Steve P, who at this point saved Orlando’s life, or at least his masculinity:

When a man like Steve P. yells at you full force:

‘Who gives you the right to give your power away like that?’

…you don’t easily forget that experience!

But Steve P. was also a very wise and compassionate mentor, and he became the father figure Orlando never had. With their extensive – though somewhat different – backgrounds in Tantra and Hypnosis, in Magick and Metaphysics, a friendship formed, and Steve took Orlando under his wing.

“Authentic Male Power is subtly, but conspicuously absent in most men today!”

Steve taught his new ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ new ways of Hypnosis and powerful emotional release techniques, expanding his frame of reality in ways only comparable to the way Morpheus blows the mind of Neo in “The Matrix”. Orlando experienced whole new ways of Trance in the same worn chair in Steve’s “squalid Alpine apartment” [sic] that Neil Strauss experienced his trance-formation, prompting him to say:

“This was a whole new level of ‘game’. I was given super powers!”

Neil Strauss: “The Game”

To this day, Orlando credits his most important shifts in personal reality, his break-throughs, and the basis for some of his knowledge to his time as Steve’s student. Since, at that point in his life, Orlando had already taught women for over 15 years in Tantra and in ‘Sacred Sexuality’, and had employed Trance and hypnotic techniques extensively for sexual therapy, intensive collaboration with Steve came natural. Both men were privy to many unknown secrets of High Sexuality, largely unheard of in the West, and unknown even in most Tantric circles, and to most even well-known Tantric and Taoist writers.

At that time, Orlando had written an extensive book on Tantra and Sexual Techniques for Men, called “Pleasurecises”, and had helped hundreds of women to attain orgasm for the first time in their lives.

Orlando developed many new techniques, drawing upon and combining elements of massage, acupressure, psychology, Shamanism and hypnosis, to resolve and dissolve many mental and emotional issues, along with physical tension, even serious traumata, erasing them literally from cellular tissues, and even from “cellular memory”, to be gone forever.

Both Steve and Orlando realized that they had something unique on their hands, that there was arguably hardly anyone else in the world, who could get such profound results in so little time, let alone with such consistency and sustainability…

But who is taking care of the men?

After so many years of accumulated experience of individual sexual therapy sessions, as well as in group workshops, and his therapeutic successes in helping women not only reach their first orgasm, but often also often achieve ‘female ejaculation’ as an added side benefit of releasing long-held physical and emotional tension, the word finally got out to men.

If Orlando could help women release painful, deep and old emotional issues, maybe he could also help men with their issues?

Soon, more and more men beseeched Orlando to show them not only techniques, which they could use to help their girlfriends and wives to deeper sexual satisfaction and pleasure. Maybe he could also help them get a handle on their own sexual problems, such as weak or no erections, premature ejaculation, and sexual insecurities and performance anxiety …

But Orlando wasn’t yet ready to turn his passion into a full-time profession. Too seductive were the diversions of playboy life, by now in ‘Sin City’ Las Vegas, where Orlando bought a mansion in – of all places – a quaint street by the name of “Via Della Amore”, where he conducted private seminars, Tantra Workshop, and weekend retreats for women.

At that time, Orlando had succumbed to a life of Ferraris, raucous parties, and – of course – loose women. And while he still wanted to eventually turn to a more serious life as a seminar leader, speaker, and therapist, “eventually” turned into “indefinitely”, especially since money was no object.

But all that was about to change…

Financial disaster out of a clear blue sky…

As much as Orlando had just resigned himself to an idle life of debauchery, believing he would never have to work another day in his life, as rough and unexpected was the shock of sudden financial meltdown … which didn’t even end after a fire sale of the house and his beloved Ferrari.

“From riches to rags in a mere 30 days”… this seemed unimaginable even after the infamous 2008 collapse of large parts of the US banking system – still 3 years out into the future…

…yet happen it did!

But misfortunes usually come in sets:

From riches to rags in a mere 30 days

At the precise moment that Orlando was desperate enough to ask his parents for help … his mother died!

He couldn’t ask his father for help; the old man had mentally checked out some years ago, and was now in the final stages of Alzheimer’s, and would have probably not even recognized Orlando face to face…

And when Orlando, who had roamed the world most of his life like an adventurer, never having built a real social network of friends and family, never having had a real home, took a good look around… the sad truth of his life hit him like lightning:

There wasn’t a soul in the world he could turn to…

Orlando left Vegas like a thief in the night – luckily he was just flat broke, but not in debt – and returned to Sedona, AZ, where he scratched out a marginal living as a Jeep tour guide, as well as digging ditches in the blazing desert heat, and working construction, when work became available. As fate would have it, he found work with one of his former hypnosis teachers, who happened to also be a licensed building inspector, and so Orlando had the rare opportunity to spend months with one of his most important former mentors, learning many valuable secrets of hypnosis and metaphysics effortlessly on the side, many of which he had never even learned during his years of training.

But even other secrets which had eluded Orlando during his years of superficial living, suddenly took on a whole new meaning:

On one hand the death of the mother is one of the most defining moments in the life of any man. Hardly a man in modern Western society is truly able to cut the chord with his mother… which is one of the greatest stumbling blocks on his way to true manhood!

This, is turn, stops most men from ever truly growing up, and thusly keeps them from ever forming genuine, mature relationships, and – even more importantly – prevents almost all men from truly becoming a real man!

For Orlando, something else happened along with the outer collapse:

He suddenly realized that not only had he lost a lot of confidence with women, what with having defined himself largely by his lifestyle. He also realized that mere sexual contact with women simply didn’t satisfy him any longer; an essential element was missing which Orlando couldn’t put his finger on … but which he felt painfully in its absence.

One night, when sleeping with a beautiful, warm and loving ex-lover, whom he cared for deeply, he nevertheless felt entire empty the morning after.

And then it slowly dawned on him:

The missing elements was… LOVE!

Like most men, even like most people, Orlando had never experienced genuine love, neither received it, not been able to give it… in fact, he would not have been able to receive it! And, like most people, he had built heavy emotional armor around his heart, which was now slowly, but invariably crumbling like a house of cards…

Orlando was unable to spend any time with women, let alone sleep with them … he just felt too empty and void after each such contact! Though he deeply yearned for female companionship – after all, he had lost his beloved mom just recently – he was thoroughly unable to feel anything in the presence of women but raw pain, and an incessant pressure on his heart.

The only thing which kept Orlando going at this point, were extended hikes in the wild nature of the Arizona High Desert, the most magickal place Orlando had ever seen and experienced.
In the dusk hours between his day jobs and writing ebooks and workshop content at night, Orlando explored the nightly desert, encountering treacherous terrain and needle-sharp cactus, along with every imaginable wildlife … regularly scratching himself bloody…

…but also making contact with a mysterious force – a force of almost frightening intensity, guiding him through the pitch-black desert at night, speaking to his intuitive, instinctive mind, in non-verbal, atavistic, wild ways…

…giving him strange information and guidance, which would later enable him to do the trance work in his workshops – giving him the ability to tune into peoples’ unconscious mind, in ways he had never thought possible, enabling him to help people release emotional issues and trauma hidden so deeply that most psychotherapy could never even dream off accessing these realms, let alone release these issues!

A strange sense of loneliness was in this place … and yet there also was an incredible richness in experience, in contact with something greater – a force, benevolent, though frightening in its intensity and raw atavism.

Never before had Orlando felt closer to Creator Spirit, and never before had he felt this alive… even – or especially – in those moments when he had close brushes with death…

Orlando’s inner void eventually drove him to ever more daring – or rather reckless – night hikes, mountain climbs, and lone expeditions into the unforgiving rugged red-rocks that make Sedona, AZ, the unique and hauntingly breathtaking place it is. More than once they brought him face to face with death.

And it was always that mysterious inner voice, the voice of his spirit guides as he later learned, which saved him from certain brutal death, and led him out of the nightly desert on several occasions, after he had become hopelessly lost miles away from civilization and water.

These were experiences Orlando would never forget … and which would change his life forever.

It was here – more than in any other place – that he made contact with the strange force that he would always feel flow through him during his countless subsequent workshops…

After a particularly close call in a sheer rock face, it suddenly dawned on Orlando why he seemed to have that intractable need to challenge fate and death with such frequency:

Since his entire identity, his ego, were built upon nothing but the material, and this artificial construct had now thoroughly collapsed, he was driven by an unconscious death wish, which almost became a self-fulfilling prophecy on several occasions.

When his spirit guides led him out of the desert to a new life, Orlando began to feel an overwhelming urge and desire to help other people to find their way out of their own inner desert of confusion in their lives…

The time was almost at hand.

But how could Orlando set up his coachings and seminars with not a dime to his name?

There was one important element still missing…

Successful manifestation, and proper use of the ‘Law Of Attraction’!

As much as “The Secret” touted their methods of simply visualizing money, cars, relationships and success as a “secret lost through the ages”, Orlando knew that things weren’t that simple.
Neither did untold riches flow peoples’ way by merely wishing “prosperity” into existence – and there were literally thousands of New-Age disciples in Sedona trying that method – with absolutely no results whatsoever. To the contrary, these woo-woo types seemed to be exceptionally broke, and getting broker the more they tried to make things happen in their lives by wishful thinking or visualization, instead of acting.

But taking action alone seemed to yield no real results, either!

Action will yield results, all right – but no amount of action will yield any fulfillment and true prosperity, unless there are other, crucial factors in place!

No matter how much you visualize, no matter what goals you set, regardless of how much action you take – unless you first master your Deep Inner States from the ground up, it will all be for naught!

What matters in manifestation is NOT the mental images, but the feelings that accompany them, and whether you can actually feel that you really deserve it, that you deserve true happiness and fulfillment in life, and that it is likely and plausible that it will manifest.

The universe will never, ever yield something for nothing. Which is one of the reasons that lottery winners are usually more broke and in debt a few years down the line, than they were in the first place.

They never learned the Inner Game of wealth and money!

But when you are trying to manifest anything out of the blue, you will also need to feel the feeling of being deserving, of making some kind of contribution to the greater good. You will need to feel that whatever you desire is coming to you as a fair exchange of your being and doing. Any feelings of un-deservingness, however unconscious, will trip you up, and actually draw the very opposite of what you want toward you.

Attracting and manifesting things is almost ALL Inner Game. It is all about your deeply held inner beliefs, nothing else!

It is all too easy to come from an inner state of lack and even unconscious guilt. As long as you are feeling intense feelings of lack, you are likely to manifest more of that same lack. Manifestation from the wrong inner place is actually not only counterproductive; it is downright dangerous.

You need to make sure first, that you do not attract more lack, fueled by high emotional intensity!

And that requires mental and emotional house cleaning.

Chanting affirmations that you are rich and beautiful doesn’t make it so; you have to feel it! You will never be able to feel rich or deserving, unless you first do some major house cleansing, get rid of all feelings of guilt or unworthiness, of any form of low Self-Esteem, and all lack mentality and doubt.

“The Secret” claims that one of their marketers be able to do this…

Orlando saw hundreds of people flock to workshops of Hale Dwoskin’s “Sedona Method”, touted by “The Secret” as a supposedly valid way to release emotional issues. Talking to quite a few people, who came to Sedona to attend these well-known seminars on his jeep tours, he heard the enthusiastic expectations of these hopefuls, before the actual workshops.

Curious, Orlando stayed in contact with a handful of these attendees, to see what results they might have gleaned from the workshops for their lives… only to hear their lofty expectations mostly crushed after several months. These issues had come back – and like a wounded dangerous animal that had been failed to be killed off entirely, they had come back with a vengeance!

The third strike came, when yet another of “The Secret” self-styled gurus, James Ray, managed to get 3 people killed during one of his “sweat lodges” in nearby Cottonwood.

Something is clearly wrong with “The Secret”, or at the very least seriously flawed and amiss!

What was the real secret behind “The Secret”?

This curiosity, mixed in with an unhealthy dose of frustration, led Orlando to eventually embark on a furious search for real answers; the answers “The Secret” clearly didn’t have, or wouldn’t give!

He found some of them when he found a copy of “The Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn”, who had actually coined the term “Law Of Attraction” nearly a century prior to “The Secret”.

Employing some of the basics of this amazing wisdom woman had penned around the time of the Great Depression, quickly provided some relief – financial and emotional in Orlando’s economically scary life. Literally having faced homelessness on more than one occasion, the simple words of Florence Scovel Shinn provided not only the much needed emotional support he so desperately needed; there were also strange and inexplicable signs of financial relief, and bizarre, but auspicious “coincidences” in his life, that saved him in the nick of time, every time, from the brink of disaster…

He found many more answers about how true manifestation really works, when a dear friend gave him a copy of “Ask and It Is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks, several months later.

Realizing that Esther Hicks, and her “Teachings of Abraham” had actually originally been the basis for “The Secret”, but that she had been cut out of the deal by the makers of this multi-million marketing project – thereby leaving “The Secret” devoid of pretty much any real content, lat alone “secrets” – Orlando felt it more profitable to go to the source directly, and began to apply what Jerry and Esther Hicks had to say about the “Law Of Attraction”.

Really immersing himself in these two books, and applying their wisdom in the face of looming disaster, as opposed to a cozy meditation room filled with candle light and incense, quickly brought about the most amazing turnaround Orlando had ever seen in his life.

Testing numerous variations and additions to this body of knowledge, Orlando quickly found himself manifesting not only the seed money to make a trip to Europe on a whim to speak at a conference about ‘The Art of Seduction’, ‘Personality Development’ and ‘Inner Game’; he used the proper application of the Law Of Attraction to be invited to speak at this conference in the first place.

It is said that “Luck is Opportunity meets Preparedness”…

And prepared he was, when the opportunity presented itself in the most unexpected and unlikely ways imaginable.

Orlando since condensed what he learned during these meager years about true “prosperity” and genuine “manifestation” into his own “Mani-LOA Workshop”, as well as incorporating the real secrets behind “The Secret” into his annual “Sedona – Ultimate Challenge” 10-day Workshop…

Though Orlando had studied and applied hypnosis for many years, and eventually even taught it – among his former mentors were well-known masters of their craft, such as Raymond Abrezol, co-founder of the legendary system of “Sophrologie”, know from Sheila Ostrander’s famous book “Super Learning”, as well as Walter Sichort’s heir to his knowledge, James Ramey of “Ultradepth International” – it was Steve P’s concepts of “Weaving Trance”, which helped Orlando reach a massive broadening of his already metaphysical world view.

He also realized that the best of hypnotic or NLP technique is patently useless, unless you establish deep rapport on an exceptionally deep unconscious level, something that most contemporary hypnosis and NLP regularly fail to reach or connect with!

In other words:

When a hypnotist, no matter how “skilled” does not establish a real, genuine, authentic heart-connection with his client or patient, the person in need for transformation will never, ever reach the necessary depth, or will ever truly integrate whatever suggestions are given!

Thusly, most hypnosis stays far too close to the surface, and thusly is reduced to mere autosuggestion, placebo, or just plain wishful thinking…

This is one of the reasons why most people – while or after having been “hypnotized” – have the nagging feeling that nothing has happened, that they are simply imagining any change, or that they are not “hypnotizable” (suggestible) at all.

This is explained away by may hypnotists as “hyper-awareness”, but according to Orlando’s experience, this is more like the Emperor’s New Clothes…

As he had had very similar experiences with most garden variety hypnotists, including many trained in Clinical Psychiatry, Orlando could sympathize completely. Had it not been for the few rare experiences with genuine trance and hypnosis, trance that did in fact make that crucial heart connection with his subconscious mind, he might have dismissed much of hypnosis as pure quackery – which, in far too many cases it truly is!

Orlando realized that most self-anointed “hypnotists” and “hypno-therapists” had simply no idea of what true transformation really is, let alone how to get out of a sticky situation, such as severe emotional ab-reactions…

A little knowledge is perilous.

Without love and skill it is plain dangerous and reckless!

Especially the now so faddishly fashionable NLP (“Neuro-Linguistic Programing”) seemed to attract an exceptional crowd of dangerous charlatans… and of course a vast array of the usual suspects:

Motivational speakers, politicians, coaches, seminar leaders, marketers, sales men, insurance agents, religious & cult leaders, seducers of any kind, and of course Master Manipulators in the vein of “Thank you for Smoking”…

Frustrated with the out-of-control quackery, Orlando went back to the source, and studied the works of true healers like Milton Ericsson again. He realized how Ericsson rarely really seemed to resort to traditional hypnotic induction and traditional methods of hypnosis, but instead was more of a story teller in the tradition of Native American and Shamanistic cultures.

New Paths

While telling stories of his own, Orlando found that, with increasing frequency, people he was just “talking to” seemed to spontaneously enter surprisingly deep trance states, fulfilling some or even all criteria of the famous “Sichort State” (named after Walter Sichort), the deepest level of hypnosis known to man. He also found that by attainment of these ultra-deep trance states alone (!) remarkable healing was reached, be it emotionally or physical, vastly surpassing much of or most of what classic hypnotists seemed to be able to achieve, including – or especially – Psychiatrists, and other mainstream scientists…

Realizing the strange mechanisms of the subconscious mind, and its apparent need for deep emotional connection from the heart, Orlando developed his unique method of “Multi-Layered Weaving Trance”, which make his extremely deep and intensive workshops an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

Hypnosis alone can never effect truly profound change, let alone transformation, if it doesn’t at the same time fundamentally alter the world views and the consciousness of people!

And no human being can manifest experiences in the outside world, which he or she hasn’t previously integrated on the deepest inner level, especially in the subconscious mind!

If you wish for greater success and fulfillment with women, but garner frequent rejection, the the real cause for this – in line with the Law Of Attraction, if you truly understand it – lies in the fact that you have already rejected yourself!

“Any Rejection is Self-Rejection!”

If you haven’t begun to integrate genuine Self-Acceptance into your life, if you can’t fully accept yourself, in part or in totality, then you cannot possibly expect that the world you is doing so either, and that certainly extends to women!

Despite the fact that – or possibly even because – Orlando trained and taught women for decades, today much of his work is geared toward helping men to find their way back to true masculinity, and to even become conscious of their masculinity in the first place.

Since he has also been very active in the world of seduction and personality development for so long, Orlando found a great many interfaces between general therapy, Psychology, Shamanism, the Art of Seduction, Hypnosis, as well as “Life Coaching” (a term Orlando isn’t too fond of, as there are too many impostors), Tantra, and of course Workshops for Re-Masculation and Authentic Male Power, to help guide men back to their original core strength as a man, but also to help women reconnect with the power of their female core essence.

Any type of Art of Seduction oder Personality Development, as well as any kind of Re-Masculation must remain superficial, if you don’t really understand ind integrate what ‘Being a Man’ really means, or as long as you don’t really feel comfortable in your own skin as a man.

There is much more to Being a Man than displaying dominance or outer confidence!

A man must be able to feel his roots, Male Essence, and of course his sexuality, to truly be centered.

But he must also be able to integrate Concise Core Values and Self-Responsibility into his life, along with Healthy Boundaries, Emotional Health, Courage, and – perhaps most importantly – know and feel your Life’s Purpose, so you can a truly fulfilling Vision for your life!

Without all these things, a man remains an uninitiated boy, without clear direction in life, like a reed blown by the wind, being played by life and by women…

“When it comes to women, there is no substitute for a solid frame of self-identity!”

Male Essence and deeply felt Authentic Masculinity, is what women really respond to!”

Orlando Owen became the man he is, by choosing to tackle and vanquish the emotional floating mines of his life from the inside, from the core, so he could share his transformations with a select group of men, who are committed and ready to to experience a radically new world view, and to make a real powerful difference in their lives!

“Women feel this subtle, but conspicuous lack of true, fundamental, Authentic Masculinity, without being able to put their finger on it…”

Never before were men and women more frustrated than today!

After women had told men for decades that they didn’t want a macho guy, and that there was something fundamentally wrong with being a man, they are slowly beginning to realize that most men have by now completely lost their sense of identity, have no idea of who they are, and are now thoroughly incapable of leading a woman.

Small wonder, if hardly a man alive has a clue as to where he is going…

“A man can never get lost if he knows where he is going!”

But for that you need backbone, core strength, and a clear vision and purpose:

“A Hero is somebody who lives for something greater than Himself!”

Joseph Campbell

A real woman wants a real man who is telling her where to go. Not to dominate her, but to give her direction and guidance, security and emotional stability, including the jungle of her own fluctuating emotions. If a woman doesn’t want this, she is not a real woman, she has lost her femininity, or she has succumbed to the destructive influences of a misguided militant feminism to the extent, that she is confusing femininity with loss of power.

In his youth, Orlando refused to believe this, and paid the price again and again for his ‘politically correct’ fanciful wishful thinking, of how he wished things were. Because of rebellion against his overbearing father, he believed he never wanted to be a man, if “being a man” entailed being like him. This folly led him to do the opposite – much like most men today – of wanting to be “liked and loved by women”.

Charming women like his mother, however, would not work with most women in the real world. Neither would become a nice guy, or a wussy.

Real respect from women is reserved for real men!

During the many years that Orlando worked and spent time with countless women, more and more women told him in no uncertain terms, what they were really looking for in a man. And to Orlando’s great surprise it wasn’t the nice proper charming cute boy; rather it was a man who clearly expressed what he wanted from them, and who told them what to do …

But why would any woman allow a man to lead her in the first place?

Not any man, to be sure… but only real men, who had found their way in life, who had left the little boy behind, who had found their life’s vision and purpose, and followed it with commitment and poise!

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”, said the great Voltaire (not Spiderman ;), and this is what separates the wheat from the chaff, and the boys from the men. True responsibility is something most modern men have never learned; they are still stuck in the uninitiated boyishness of the mama’s boy. Driving a jacked-up pickup truck or playing football doesn’t change that one bit! Almost all further problems have their origin in this tragedy.

The frustration of many women, and which are echoed in radical feminism, isn’t the consequence of Authentic Male Power, but ironically quite the opposite: the effects of weak, disoriented, powerless men, who cannot give a woman emotional guidance and stability.

“Women acutely sense even subtle deficiencies in true, fundamental, authentic masculinity, without necessarily being able to say what’s missing…”

Orlando Owen

Orlando developed a series of high-intensity seminars and workshops, and a career as a public speaker, being able to move people on a very deep level, helping them to begin the journey out of your head and into your heart…

For years now he is showing young and mature men alike, how to regain the lost masculinity, to experience it, and to re-integrate it into their lives.

Orlando Owen is showing men in radical new ways what true masculinity really is, and how you can reconnect with it in the deepest possible ways. His ultra-intensive workshops have helped hundreds of men to Reclaim their Authentic Male Power.

Universal topics such as Vision & Purpose, Charisma, and Self-Esteem play an essential role in the Magick Male Program. In unorthodox but highly effective ways, Orlando helps men of all ages and of all walks of life, how to release the deepest of self-sabotaging patterns and most incapacitating limiting beliefs in ways vastly surpassing NLP and other “state-management” tools, which often amount to little more than “White-out” on the computer screen.

If you want to truly overcome low Self-Esteem, self-doubt, shyness, anxiety, lack of direction, confusion, depression, self-rejection and lack of self-love on the deepest level possible, you have to literally outgrow them!

In his workshops you will learn to face your lost masculinity, to experience and re-integrate it, so you can feel it, feel comfortable in your skin as a man!

“Who gave you the right to give your power away like that?!”

Orlando helps you to Reclaim your Authentic Male Power!

“Only when YOU accept your own Masculinity, will women do the same!